Tuesday, February 12, 2013

renovations: photographs

tiles for guest bathroom


bedroom in progress.

living room in progress

wall colors:

most of the walls will be the off-white/cream color above.
The wall above the tiles in the guest toilet will be painted the turquoise seen above.
The kitchen island cabinet will be hand-painted by me in this green color.
One wall in the bedroom will be painted this medium-dark grey.

piece of floor tile, with the two shiny Formica samples to be used for the kitchen, and the kitchen counter top.

I want kitchen tiles like these white ones in the photo below:

Textured wall above the kitchen sink (above the tile)

 walnut wood - "butcher block" - for the kitchen island counter top.
Will be finished with transparent lacquer.

kitchen in progress.

Floor tile in the house

Sunday, January 6, 2013

renovation: bought supplies

We bought stuff for the apartment (we replaced some of what we chose before).

living room

We got this 60 cm x 60 cm grey floor tile for the whole house except for the bedroom and the shower room (ignore the ceramic wood-like tile in the background):

grey ceramic tile. The blue is the color of the kitchen cabinets.


We bought a good "silgranit" (silicone + granite) white kitchen sink, about 70 cm wide, and a good but inexpensive faucet for the kitchen sink (not the one in this photo).


We bought this lovely laminate (synthetic parquet) floor for the bedroom. I hope we chose well!

bathroom (shower)

This is the look we were going for, more or less:

We got 30cm x 60cm grey grainy stone-like tile for the walls and the floors (Manhattan Grey)

A shower, with a shower head similar to the one in this picture, and an additional separate hand-held shower head:

This sink (deca lucia), with a different faucet, which rests on top of a cabinet. The cabinet under the sink will be faced with formica, and made by the carpenter. It will be mounted to the wall (won't touch the floor).
This faucet (grohe), more or less:

A hanging toilet with a hidden tank, somewhat like this one:

guest toilet room

This is the look we were going for, but we changed it to suit the budget.

We got the same toiletsink, and a similar but cheaper faucet as the ones that we got for the shower room.

We got this dark grey 20 cm x 50 cm wall tile - see how it works well with the (lighter) grey floor tile:

That's it!

Next step: start the deconstruction and construction work!
Also: Buy the kitchen, windows, doors, etc etc...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

floors, tiles, sinks

My interior designer and I have chosen most of the materials needed to start renovations.

In an attempt to mimic these real cement floors:
real cement floor
We chose this grey porcelain floor tile (60x60 cm) for the kitchen, living room, corridor and workroom:

Ceramic floor for the bedroom and bathrooms:

Or maybe this one:

Wall tiles for the guest bathroom (mostly the grey. The cream will be used only on one wall - where the toilet is):

Sink for the guest bathroom - we found something identical to this one:

Sink for the shower room (the hidden drain feature is cool right?) - but with a different faucet:
Shower - something like this one, but without the "tub" on the floor:

I have yet to find wall tiles for the shower room, but it shouldn't be too hard to find tiles that look like these:

White doors (bedroom, workroom, shower, bathroom):

Hanging toilets (they don't touch the floor) - we liked this one:
[ source ]

Kitchen sink - something large and standard like this one:

Formica for kitchen cabinets, and a counter top:

Here are some views from the first draft of the 3D floor plan (all photos are (C) Michal Fishler-Katz). Updates to come.

To-Do list

  • Choose shower head and faucets for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Choose windows
  • Choose wall tile for shower room
  • Decide on floor for bedroom + bathrooms (choose between the two options)
  • Kitchen cabinet design 
  • Cabinet design for bathrooms
  • Choose toilets
  • Choose kitchen sink
  • Sign contract with contractor and start the work next week!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

further bathroom design planning

After sleeping on it and discussing with a friend, I think this is what I want for the bathroom (shower).

Walls: grey concrete-colored tile (not too dark, not too light):

Flooring: Ceramic faux-wood tile, seen at Alony.
The same tile will be used in the bedroom and continue into the bathroom.

A large, convenient, sink, that rests on the counter top.

The cabinet beneath the sink (including the counter top) will be formica in an interesting wood-like design. I think we found a bamboo-like texture which might work. I don't have a photo of it yet. Or alternatively, the cabinet could be any other solid color (cream, green...).

Shower with either transparent or translucent glass doors:

In the niche above the toilet, shelves can be installed.
The shelves or the wall behind them can be colorful (turquoise maybe).

The walls which are not covered by tile can either be painted a neutral whitish color, or a stronger color, or using a rough texture such as the grey in this wall:

There will be a large mirror above the sink, probably without a cabinet behind it.
There might be a small shelf (glass or indentation of the wall?) underneath the mirror, or not.

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