breast cancer awareness slogans

breast cancer awareness slogans funny

  Breast cancer awareness slogans can be used to show support to someone affected by breast cancer or to bring awareness to this disease. These slogans can motive and inspire….

internal organs for kids

internal organs for kids pictures

  Younger primary students may have little knowledge about internal organs for kids. They tend to think the contents of the body are what they have seen being put into…

number of bones in the body

number of bones in the body images

You wouldn’t even be able to stand up, walk or even sit up in a chair. Without your bones you’d simply be a pile of organs, guts, skin, water and…

ovarian cancer test

ovarian cancer test uk

The ovarian cancer test usually, you begin by seeing your family doctor who will ask you about your general health and gently feel your tummy (abdomen). You will be asked…

bones in the female body

bones in the female body pictures

The human skeleton is not as sexually dimorphic as that of many other primate species, but subtle differences between sexes in the morphology of the skull, dentition, long bones, and…

The human body exhibition

The human body exhibition science centre

The human body exhibition is an exhibition showcasing preserved human bodies dissected to display bodily systems. The exhibit displays internal organs and organic systems, bodies staged in active poses, and…

human lungs and heart

human lungs and heart diagram

The human lungs and heart, it’s helpful to know how a healthy lung and heart works.  The heart has two sides, separated by an inner wall called the septum. The…

stage 4 cervical cancer

stage 4 cervical cancer symptoms

Cervical cancer diagnosed as stage IV disease is commonly detected from an abnormal pelvic examination or symptoms produced by the patient’s cancer. Following a staging evaluation of cervical cancer, a…

causes of lung cancer

causes of lung cancer pictures

  By far the biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking. It causes more than 8 out of 10 cases (86%) including a small proportion caused by exposure to second…

effects of smoking on lungs

effects of smoking on lungs and heart

The effects of smoking on lungs is Lung cancer . More than 80% of cases of lung cancer are due to smoking. Damage to the lungs begins early in smokers,…