Saturday, October 22, 2011

dress, jewelry frame, coat, etc

Here are some projects I've been up to.

I finished making this dress (McCalls 5027a few weeks ago. I wore it to a wedding, so luckily I had a professional photograph taken of me wearing it.  
me in my pretty fuchsia dress!
McCalls 5027

I made it a size 10 which was supposed to be small for me, and it came out a tad too large. Also, the shoulder straps were too far off the shoulders for comfort. After taking a few cm's in at the zipper, both of these problems were fixed. Why oh why do pattern companies continually make the garments too large for their size?? One thing I'd improve on this dress is the plunge of the neckline - it's a bit too low for my taste, especially as I have to keep making sure my bra doesn't show.

Here's an almost no-sew project I made with my talented friend Einat K:
jewelry frame
What is it, you ask?

Well, it's a picture frame (from a flea market) with the "ïnsides" (picture and all) taken out. Then I glued a piece of lace to the frame, and then I glued an (optional) piece of dark-red fabric on the back of the frame.
You can stick your earrings right through the fabric. I also sewed on a few buttons, on which I hung a few of my necklaces. I'm happy with it and itching to make a few more!

my talented and beautiful friend Einat K, making a frame of her own
Other projects in the works...

My improvisational lap quilt is still waiting for me to buy a fabric for the back, and then to quilt and bind it.

And I'm starting to sew this gorgeous coat (Butterick 5685- I've started cutting out the pattern and I'm planning on making a muslin first to check the fit. Need to head out to the shops and buy some fabric. I plan to get a lightweight fabric so that it looks more like a jacket than a coat. We'll see. Lucky for me, my sewing friends Libby and Daria are also making trench coats of their own - so we're all motivating each other.

Butterick 5685
I'd like to end this post with a special thank you for all you readers who leave comments. It truly warms my heart! :-) Thanks so much!


Ricochet said...

You are so crafty! Bravo on your dress and jewelry organizer! I've told you before, but I'll repeat that the coat pattern you chose is really fabulous. The cut will be so flattering and timeless. I'm excited to see it finished!

Pam said...

Stunning dress, Keren! Both the colour and the style suit you.

Julija said...

The dress looks so good on you! Fuchsia is such a nice colour. Good luck with the coat!

passiona said...

You look fabulous in your dress, just wonderful!

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