Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gorgeous Amish Quilting

Today's post is about Amish quilts, which I think are a great source of inspiration for the modern quilter.

Amish pastel faceted jewel quilt [ source ]

The Amish keep the old style hand-quilting alive today, creating beautiful masterpieces. Though I would probably never make a hand quilted quilt like they do (or will I...?), I admire their skill and designs, and they are a great source of inspiration and awe.
Hand Painted Rainbow Pyramid Quilt [ source ]
Since the Amish do not use electricity due to their beliefs, their quilts are machine pieced on treadle sewing machines, and hand quilted.
source ]
"In the early days, the Amish made quilts out of necessity in order to keep warm at night. The Amish quilts of old were plain and generally consisted of one color. The designs of the early Amish quilts first consisted of patterns in the stitching on whole cloths. Slowly, as quilting in other communities became more and more popular, the Amish began to piece together different colors of cloth into simple geometric shapes and patterns. This was acceptable to the Amish sensibilities of preventing waste in that they were able to use scraps of fabric that would otherwise have been thrown out in order to make something useful. This was the birth of the Amish quilt. Dark fabrics arranged in simple designs of squares, rectangles, and triangles were the earliest forms of the art of Amish quilting." source ]

Gold and Red Star Flower Wedding Ring Quilt [ source ]

Amish Hand Painted Pastel Blue and Brown Star Spin Quilt [ source ]

How did they do that...?

Coral Moss and Tan Bargello Wave Quilt [ source ]
Turquoise Hand Painted Tumbling Blocks Quilt [ source ]
I wonder if we could recreate some of these designs using modern quilting techniques, and a reasonable amount of time?
Amish Burgundy Black and Multicolor Hit or Miss Quilt [ source ]
King Blues and Tan Hand Painted Double Wedding Ring Quilt [ source ]
Burgundy Navy and Golden Cream Stars in the Cabin Quilt [ source ]
Here's a "plainer" design. Look at these beautiful, happy colors that make any place a home:
Colorful Fiesta Quilt [ source ]
They are all so gorgeous... They make me want to be Amish.

Hand Painted Winding Ways Quilt [ source ]
Amish Pastel Blue Brown and Tan Diamond Star Log Cabin Quilt [ source ]

The Amish also make wall hangings and baby quilts, and other small projects. They also make applique quilts, where the decorative design is fabric that is stitched on top of the quilt top fabric, rather than patchworked as part of the single fabric layer.
Amish Applique: King Mint Green Poppy Field Quilt [ source ]

The Amish create whole cloth quilts as well - these are quilts where the quilt top is one piece of fabric (not patchworked), and the beauty of it is in the intricate quilting itself. While this may sound simple, it actually takes a very skilled sewer to create these beautiful patterns. Whole-cloth quilts are generally made from bold, dark colors and the stitching patterns can include floral designs, feathers, people, animals, buildings, ships, or geometric shapes.
Amish whole cloth quilt: Cream All Quilted Heirloom Quilt [ source ]
Look at that amazing hand stitching!

Amish whole cloth quilt: Cream All Quilted Heirloom Quilt [ source ]
I found it very hard to stop adding more and more photos of beautiful Amish quilts into this post! If you want to see more, visit this site.

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Ricochet said...

Thank you for sharing this! Each quilt is so amazing. In my neck of the woods, we have Hutterite Colonies and I have seen some beautiful quilts through them. I've been scrolling through your post several times now and becoming more and more awed and inspired. That "wave" quilt? Incredible!

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