Tuesday, October 11, 2011

green improvisational quilt - day 3: quilt top done

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Here's what I did to make the quilt top larger. First I added a white border (sashing) around the whole thing, and then I added these big coffee-brown blocks (left over from a previous place mat project).

I decided to go all the way with the different offset (width) on either side:
considering it...
going for it!

This is what happens when you sit on a rickety old table, trying to get a different angle for your photos:

That's it for now! Quilt top is done! 
Measurements are now 180 cm x 160 cm (70 inch x 63 inch) - very lap-quilt worthy :-)
Quilt top was made from 100% scrap fabric from my stash, from previous projects.

all folded up, waiting for its quilt back
What next?

Obviously the next step is to lay out a quilt back, batting, and the quilt top on top of it, and quilt the three layers. I don't have enough fabric for a quilt back, though, and I thought it would be good to use flannel anyway. That'll have to wait for my next trip to the quilt fabric store...

Till then, I can practice other free motion quilting designs - it would be nice to try something new for this quilt.


Pam said...

I think brown was a great choice for the outside border. It looks fabulous! Hope you weren't hurt when the table fell.

Judith said...

The quilt top is lovely. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when the table gave way. I like the odd blocks, it makes your eye look around for more.

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