Monday, November 14, 2011

airhead retro handbag

Well, I've finished the second bag which technically qualifies for the Solids-Only Tote Challenge.


I call it my "airhead handbag" because during the creation process I've consistently been a total airhead.

I chose this retro design as inspiration, and reverse appliqued it feverishly using fabric from my stash, in what I believe to be retro 70's colors (my retro expert Pam will have to confirm the retro-ness of my choices!).

retro design inspiration [ source ]

But then I pretty much neglected the bag for a few days. It was in limbo creation mode. Poor bag!

Today I got back to it. I made the lining, installed a magnetic snap into the lining, made the straps, and sewed it all together. After I was nearly done, I recalled that I wanted to add something firm to the bottom of the bag. So I improvised that at the last minute using this plastic net I bought at a hardware store.

I accidentally cut the straps 2 cm (about 3/4 inch) too short - which means that I can't really carry the bag on my shoulder, unlike this SOHO bag I love and use, from which I took the measurements:

SOHO bag, gift from friends

I think the lining is a bit longer than the outer part of the bag... And I forgot to reinforce the top rim (opening) of the bag like I wanted to. This usually doesn't happen to me!

Oh well! With most projects I am meticulous, whereas with some I just wing it as I go along and don't take much care. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with the result. I like the style and I think I'll experiment with different variations of retro reverse applique a bit more in future projects. Most importantly I am happy that I completed this project. I don't like it when projects linger around on my work table for too long!

What should I work on now? Maybe the second zabuton that I'm making for my friend? Should I patch together several pieces of fabric from my stash, or should I go out and buy more fabric and use whole pieces?  Or maybe I should work on the coat I started and abandoned mid-bodice? I have so much stuff I want to make... A "headboard" cushion for my bed, with buttons, a fabric picture for my future niece (due in just a few weeks!), and so much more...

Any advice, my dear crafty friends?

Oh, and a mystery: I've lost my beloved embroidery scissors! I worry because I lost them just as I was finishing the floor cushion for my friend... Hmmm.... Are they somewhere inside the cushion??

I miss you, my pretties! Where are you?


Ricochet said...

Very cool Miss Keren! I had similar mess-ups and mishaps in my sewing endeavors this morning. Maybe there is something in the air??? Would you consider cutting a scoop (half-circle?) from the top of you tote, under the handles? You would have to fold in the raw edges and hem/topstitch to finish it off. That might give you enough room to wear the bag on your shoulder.

Pam said...

Definitely qualifies for retro, Keren; the colours and the wonderful 3D effect. Is that corduroy you have used for the lining? I love cord; so soft and reminds me of the 70s. I had a blue/grey cord jacket, a similar colour to the lining, that I wore everywhere.

Could you cut the handles and add a ring to lengthen??? The lining doesn't matter, as no one else will see it. Without the reinforcement at the top, the bag will be nice and soft.

Another great bag!!! Hope your friend doesn't find the scissors...

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

wow! you are fast and the tote looks great.

I hope you find your favorite embroidery scissors soon. I understand how you feel. I keep my fingers crossed that they are not in the floor cushion.

OnePerfectDay said...

Spectacular bag!

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