Saturday, November 19, 2011

pattern making class, lesson 4

In the fourth pattern making lesson we continued to draft patterns for various skirts. Mostly as an exercise - learning how to draft flare, yokes, asymmetric skirt fronts, pleats, etc.

Sorry for the exceptionally bad photos!

First we finished the skirt on the right (yoke and added flare)

These are the four drafted pieces for the skirt on the right:

Then we drafted this skirt, which is the same as the previous one, but with added gathers.
Here's the "map" we drafted for this skirt:

And here are the pattern pieces that were drafted on tracing paper using the above map. What we did was add "gaps" in between the four "ribbons" of the skirt for creating both flare and gathers (does that make sense...?).

Then we moved on to a pleated variation of this skirt (I like pleats. Pleats are fun and pretty.):

Here are the drafted pattern pieces: One of them is folded the way the pleats would be folded on the skirt, and the other is opened up.

Finally we tackled this asymmetric skirt:

Here's the map:

Here are the skirt front pattern pieces (we were asked to add a lot of flare):

And here are the skirt back pattern pieces:

Starting to get complicated huh? But a lot of fun!


Pam said...

Looks extremely complicated, Keren! I could have used these skills when turning the wedding dress into a day dress.

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

How much fun are you having?

I have GOT to make myself make a basic pattern so I can try the variations. I never sat down and just made a basic pattern for myself... I really want to make a cute denim skirt cuz I got rid of mine and have never been able to find one that I like. Now all I see are just teeny tiny straight ones. HOWEVAH, I look for denim fabric yesterday, and boy was it ugly...I guess I'll have to address that, too. Ever had to distress some denim?

Ricochet said...

Oh you are learning so much! Clothing patterns are vastly more complicated than handbag patterns. I'm with Pam, it all looks very complicated. Good for you though, this class is going to be so useful.

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