Monday, November 21, 2011

UPGRADE TIME for sad-looking baggies!

Did you really think I was going to leave these sad-looking baggies hanging on my wall forever?

No, no! 

After a calming yoga session and a good night's sleep, I got to working on the upgraded baggies.

Here's the first prototype:

UPGRADED prototype baggie, version 2.0
Here are the sad-looking baggies, in case you've forgotten:
Sad-looking on-the-fly baggies, version 1.0
I was inspired by the zipper installation technique in this very useful tutorial by dog under my desk:
Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial by dog under my desk
Installing a zipper this way is rather simple and straightforward, but I'd never done it before.
I used to make lined zippered bags this way, which is a bit more fussy.

So here are the improvements I thought of and implemented in my prototype baggie:
  1. All baggies will be the same size.
  2. Baggies will be rather larger than previously.
  3. Add a zipper and lining to each bag.
  4. Use different fabric for each bag - what a fun way of using pretty fabric scraps!
  5. Use fusible interfacing for the bag fabric, to give it a firmer and less lumpy texture. Thanks to my dear aunt, I have 15 yards (!!!) of fusible interfacing to make use of (... don't ask!).
  6. Add a tag at the top of the baggie for the clip to hold on to. It'll be prettier that way. 
  7. Give the bag a square bottom, just to make it more interesting and give it some volume.
Isn't it pretty?
Here are the improvements I haven't yet implemented:
  1. Ask Dad to prepare a long wooden "plank" for the clips to be glued to. This wooden plank will be painted nicely and installed on the wall, instead of the sad-looking nails and string. Also ask Dad what kind of glue would work for this project. I love you, Dad! You are so handy!
  2. Make various tweaks to the dimensions of the prototype bag.
  3. Add another piece of fabric that will be sewn onto the front of the bag - it will be a label with some text telling what's in the bag (zippers, beads, needles, etc)
  4. Buy these type of large clips (see photo below) at Office Depot rather than using clothespins.

I think this will be a breakthrough for messy sewing supplies everywhere! I will be writing a tutorial for this project, of course! Are you in? Will you make a bag too? Will you make the whole project?

By the way, for sewists with little wall space: You can install this project on the edge of a shelf, if you have shelves installed on your wall and there's no other shelf below it. You could install it on the wall near your sewing machine table as well, or even at the edge of a table (on the side).

You can make a bag just for carrying some sewing supplies to sewing class or to a friend's house.

I really like this project! Off I go to make version 2.1.

1 comment:

Pam said...

These bags will look fabulous, Keren, yet will be so functional. The squared bottom is a good idea to add room. 15 yards of fusible interfacing... WOW!!! The bulldog clips will be stronger than the clothes pegs. Look forward to seeing it all put together.

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