Tuesday, March 20, 2012

more typography progress

I finished writing the text onto my future pillowcase. The colorful pieces of fabric are quilting-cotton that I will use to make a 5 cm wide "bevel" (like a wall) around the orange part. The back of the pillow will be that yellow piece on the left, with a zipper installed.

Here's what I mean when I say that the pillow will have a "bevel" / "wall". 
Do you know of a better way to describe this type of pillow?
I'd love to add piping like that, too. But I think it might be too much for me all in one pillow.

On another note, I'd like to share with you the perils of my workplace.

People returning from overseas trips leave such temptations in the communal kitchen:

Here are my other everyday temptations - especially the pretzels on the left:

and my newly found biggest enemy - the chocolate wafers 
(here we call them waffles, how do you call them?)

I've not touched any of these nor other evil treats in three days and counting. As a seamstress I know my measurements and I want them to stay the way they are!

I'll leave you with Shugy's philosophy on how to live life, which I find to be very wise.


Gray said...

hahhahahaha!! I still have chocolate left over from xmas... I try so hard not to nibble them. Try working with kids- little monsters bring in chocolates to share, birthday cakes... oh, it is an evil place to work!! =)

Pam said...

Great progress on the pillowcase! We call them wafers. Such will power.. not touching them in 3 days!!!

Kei said...

If I had all those delicious snacks floating around, I would be so fat lol

Am excited to see your finished pillowcase! I like the colours you're using :)

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